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chainDE Global Blockchain VC Study

In our Global Blockchain VC study, we analyzed the portfolios of 172 venture capital firms based in the US, Europe and Asia in order to compile a comprehensive overview of the Blockchain VC landscape.

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Interview with Radoslav Albrecht, CEO of Bitbond

The Berlin-based startup Bitbond made headlines this February when they announced the approval of the German financial regulator (BaFin) for their security token bonds on the Stellar Blockchain.

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Enterprise Cryptocurrencies: A Corporate Attack on Crypto?

Currently, many cryptocurrency applications are struggling with mass adoption as they fail to overcome problems in scalability and usability. This becomes apparent when observing the daily users of dApps across multiple platforms, such as Ethereum or EOS. At the same time, more and more corporates are exploring Blockchain technology for their own use cases and develop Enterprise Blockchain solutions.

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