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Early Blockchain Projects Are Starting to Scale

The year has gotten off to an impressive start for blockchain startups, with a number of Series A and Series B rounds making headlines. Isreal-based Clear raised a $13m Series A led by Fidelity and venture arms of Deutsche Telekom and Telefónica. US lending platform BlockFi, which registered a 20x revenue growth in 2019, raised $30m in a Series B from global tech and blockchain VCs. These funding rounds indicate that the companies in question reached important milestones and have now entered a critical phase.

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chainDE Global Blockchain VC Study

In our Global Blockchain VC study, we analyzed the portfolios of 172 venture capital firms based in the US, Europe and Asia in order to compile a comprehensive overview of the Blockchain VC landscape.

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Blockchain Technology: Value gets built in Bear Markets

About a year ago the website was launched to provide an overview of the German Blockchain and ICO landscape by listing blockchain startups, investors and consultancies. Much has happened in the Blockchain industry since then: The cryptocurrency market experienced its worst cryptowinter so far with bitcoin plummeting 82% from its all-time high on December 17, 2017 and Ethereum losing 92% to its all-time high on January 15, 2018. Overall, the total crypto market cap shed 83% over 12 months as the market corrected sharply, thus negatively affecting the profitability and continuation of mining operations, as well as key altcoin development projects.

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