Big News: chainDE is now chainEurope!

We are happy to share some big news today. chainDE is now chainEurope! The chainDE project started in November 2017 as a small listing service for all Blockchain startups in Germany and has become pretty popular amongst the Blockchain community and the VC crowd.

In the previous months our team has been working hard to add all European blockchain startups to our directory. As of today we are listing 606 blockchain startups across Europe. We are providing chainEurope as a free service for the European blockchain community.

Europe has become a key player in entrepreneurship, investment and research in the blockchain space. Due to Europe’s diversity in geography and culture combined with a strong focus on data privacy/data sovereignty, decentralization is part of the European DNA! chainEurope is our contribution for a thriving ecosystem for Crypto and Blockchain startups. By running chainEurope for the Blockchain community, we want to help Europe stay at the forefront of blockchain technology.

How can you help?

If you’re a Blockchain startup which is not yet listed on chainEurope, please let us know. We are happy to include you in our directory. If you want to update or change an existing listing, please let us know as well. We are also listing blockchain investors, accelerators and foundations. You can reach us by email or use the form on our website. All listings are free of charge.

Florian Huber
Founder chainEurope
Partner Signature Ventures