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The world’s first Biometric & Advance Passenger Information validation platform




Zamna empowers airlines to verify a passenger’s identity prior to arriving at an airport thus positively impacting both passenger experience and security and facilitation. Recognised by airlines, technology experts and investors as playing an integral part in the future of identity management within airlines, Zamna addresses the conflicting challenges posed by ever increasing numbers of airline passengers (estimated as 4.4 billion in 2018), growing privacy regulations, demand for better customer experience and increased security.

Zamna aims to be the most successful company you’ve never heard of – invisibly facilitating passenger experiences such as seamless travel, allowing you to move through airports without your passport leaving your pocket and making queues and mistaken identity a thing of the past.

Zamna’s platform requires no new infrastructure for the airport or the airline, and sits within existing and emerging biometric platforms, data flows and front end applications. Crucially, Zamna achieves high veracity data validation with pen-tested security levels, but shares no passenger data – in any form – with third parties, including Zamna itself. Zamna’s privacy-by-design architecture enshrines the principle that “the best way to keep data safe is to not have it at all”.

Category Identity
Name Zamna Technologies Ltd
Founding Date 2016-1-8
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain
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Founders of Zamna

Aleksandr Gorelik
Irra Ariella Khi