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Xwiss is an institutional grade digital asset exchange for professional market participants built by leading Swiss stock exchange visionaries and regulatory experts.

Xwiss is building a new financial services infrastructure that eliminates layers of intermediaries, reducing risk, cost and friction and increasing transparency across the full spectrum of the financial services value chain.
In 2020, Xwiss will open a cryptocurrency trading platform to offer investors an institutionally robust and compliant environment for trading crypto assets.
In 2021, the Xwiss Digital Asset Exchange will introduce a new global standard DART for legally enforcing the transfer of ownership of digital assets.

Regulated in Switzerland, unencumbered by legacy systems and national borders, Xwiss intends to be the global standard for security asset tokenization in the digital economy.

Category Exchanges
Founding Date 2018-6-20
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Founders of xwiss.ch

Luca Schenk