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Verv is the trading name of Green Running Ltd. VLUX ( is a subsidiary of Verv by Green Running.

Machine learning experts in the energy sector and creators of an AI-based smart hub, we use artificial intelligence to provide advanced insights into individual appliance usage and condition so users can save money on their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and keep their home safe.

The extreme high frequency data that we disaggregrate also allows us to deliver personalised insights attractive to consumers and service providers across a range of industries including energy, retail and maintenance.

We have developed a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading system, facilitated by the Verv hub,
that generates advanced energy consumption and production forecasts that allow us to optimise the energy trading process for the most efficient economic matches to be made. We are implementing a peer-to-peer energy trading field trial on London social housing, in collaboration with Repowering London, and backed by a government grant.

We’re creating VLUX tokens in order to enable access to our peer-to-peer energy trading platform, allowing us to take it to the next functional level. Visit VLUX.IO to find out more about our Initial Token Offering.

We've won multiple awards including Future City Technology of the year, Technology of the year and app of the year at the 2017 Business Green Technology awards and 'Innovator of the Year'​ at the 2016 Business Green Technology Awards.

Category Energy
Name Verv Ltd
Founding Date 2018-3-13
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Founders of Verv

Peter Davies