Blockchain Startup
VEGA Protocol

Vega is a protocol for creating and trading derivatives on a fully decentralised network.


Public Chain Infrastructure

VEGA Protocol

Vega is a technology protocol. We are building an open, blockchain-backed public network for fully automated end-to-end trading and execution of financial products.

We believe in transforming the financial system, changing the dynamics of power and forming part of a wave of change that could radically alter the operation of markets and their relationship with society.

The decentralised network, secured with proof-of-stake, will facilitate fully automated, end-to-end margin trading and execution of complex financial products. Any participant will be able to build a market on Vega’s infrastructure.

Category Public Chain Infrastructure
Name Vega Holdings Ltd
Founding Date 2018-1-2
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors n/a
Looking for Speaking Opportunities n/a
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Founders of VEGA Protocol

Ramsey Khoury
Dave Hrycyszyn
Barney Mannerings
Tamlyn Rudolph