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Vastari Risk Assessment Software

Exhibition collaborations made simple


Vastari Risk Assessment Software

Museums around the world organise thousands of exhibitions a year and Vastari's interface and networking tools make it easier for these museums to communicate with the private sector directly. By doing so, museums and collectors alike will have the opportunity to interact with each other and organise international exhibition tours and loans for temporary exhibitions.

Vastari Collections is an online platform designed to connect private collectors and museums for temporary exhibition loans.

Vastari Collections gives collectors access to curators at major museums worldwide who are constantly on the lookout for new works to include in their upcoming shows. Likewise, curators will be able to discover hidden treasures owned by private collectors with a predisposition to lend. Since 2013, Vastari has facilitated dozens of loans to museums worldwide and now has over 900 collectors among its members and provides access to hundreds of thousands of works of art, antiques and artefacts.

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Name Vastari Group Ltd
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