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Magic onboarding for Ethereum apps




Create your account in seconds with no downloads required!
But this is not the normal crypto account you grew up with! Every UniLogin account is a smart contract and open standard for onboarding and login. Every account also comes with a ENS name, to make integration simpler with the whole ecosystem.
Crypto doesn’t have borders, but most of your users still do. So we partner with over 20 different onramp providers to give you the best cover in 40 countries.

Category Identity
Name UniLogin
Founding Date 2019-1
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investors n/a
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors n/a
Looking for Speaking Opportunities n/a
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Founders of UniLogin

Alexandre Van de Sande
Marek Kirejczyk