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Our mission is to provide the first unified framework for blockchain-based business integration. We expect blockchain technology to become pervasive and therefore want to make the use of blockchain technology more feasible and profitable for those driving real business and not ”only” exchanging crypto currencies.
We are confident to be well positioned to become the first provider for blockchain based business integration. We strive for bringing the promises of blockchain technology usage to the next level for business professionals.

We are aware of and are gaining motivation out of the fact that complex enterprise system landscapes already exist. Some of these will not be touched for years, paying tribute to the principle of ”never changing a running system”. We do not see this as a defect - quite the contrary: It is an essential motivation of those standing for Unibright to offer a high-level concept and practical tools to integrate existing processes and IT-landscapes into the promising ecosystems of blockchains. We address existing teams with experts in different domains and want to make it easier for those teams to use the blockchain as one part of their versatile solutions.

During the analysis stage of the Unibright ecosystem it turned out that we have to operate on two levels of modelling to achieve blockchain based business integration a software architectural level and an end user driven application level. Both levels are presented in more detail in the following sections.

So what is Unibright? Unibright is a unified framework for blockchain- based business integration and a set of applications leveraging this framework.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name Unibright IT UG
Founding Date 2017-10-11
Token Offering Yes
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a
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Looking for Speaking Opportunities Yes, please contact Marten Jung (CEO)
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Founders of Unibright

Marten Jung (CEO)
Stefan Schmidt (CTO)