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Tatoshi Wallet protects users against the loss of their Bitcoins


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Tatoshi Wallet

So far, the handling of Bitcoin is complicated and bears high security risks, especially for non tech-savvy people. This is hindering many people from using it. We provide a wallet which is easy to use and secure, to support the mass adoption of Bitcoin.

Until now, more than 3.9 million Bitcoins are already irrecoverably gone, as the owners have lost their private keys. This often happens if the device which stores the keys is lost or gets broken. This is the first wallet which really protects you from losing your private keys and funds. Your social community helps to protect you from losing your Bitcoins. Exchange encrypted back-up data with your friends and mutually protect each other against the loss of your private key.

Every year, Bitcoins worth billions of USD get stolen through hacker attacks. Custody solutions especially are highly endangered and even the hyped offline vaults bear a risk of theft. Our solution is custody free and gives you full control over your keys. We believe that non-centralized assets storage is the best protection against hackers.

Handling of Bitcoins requires a lot of technical know-how. You need to deal with public and private keys and know about fees or confirmations. With Tatoshi Wallet you can send funds as easy as sending a text message.

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Name Treble Wallet AG
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Tobias Kress