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Platform 6

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Platform 6

Platform 6 is the easiest way for Developers, Startups, Integrators and IT Groups to build enterprise-class decentralized applications related to structured business document exchanges. Building blockchain-based entreprise-class decentralized applications is not an minor endeavor; beyond the blockchain piece, a lot of off-chain components and features have to be combined (user management, workflows, orchestration, data management, interactions with the chosen blockchain framework, system integration, user interface, API…) So far, Developers had to build such applications by assembling series of open source or commercial components – and gluing them together with their own code – making it a complex and time consuming endeavor, requiring a lot of development and testing. Thanks to Platform 6’ comprehensive set of tools, services and features, Developers can build decentralized applications in days or weeks instead of months.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name Platform 6
Founding Date 2016-3-16
Token Offering No
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