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The OriginStamp services operate fully independent from centralized organizations, governmental authorities or consortiums. Our trusted timestamps are created and stored in a blockchain, based on a consensus model, in which the decentralized peer-to-peer network must agree collectively on the contents of all blocks. The consensus model assures the integrity of all stored information and therefore the immutable, tamper-proof nature of the blockchain.

Once a hash fingerprint is embedded in the blockchain, it is immutable and will exist "forever" as a trusted timestamp. OriginStamp provides you with all data you need to recreate the hash fingerprint so you can validate and confirm the existence of the digital content timestamped at a particular time independently.

OriginStamp keeps all data confidential. Only a cryptographically secured hash fingerprint is embedded in the blockchain. To process and create your trusted timestamp, OriginStamp does not even require your digital content, the hash fingerprint is sufficient. This allows you to submit a hash of content you want to timestamp without making it public. Optionally, you can archive the original files securely encrypted on our servers.

OriginStamp effectively combines modern blockchain technology with cryptographic knowledge and is therefore able to offer its service free of charge.

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Founders of OriginStamp

Prof. Bela Gipp (CEO)