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We must imagine a world free from prejudice if we are to expect more of each other. Can we imagine a society where a woman does not have to sift through hundreds of date requests from strangers and have no idea of who is being honest? Can we imagine a world where men or women don’t have to lie to fulfill their desires? Can we reasonably live side by side with those that choose to make a living of entertainment others with their lives? Can we live in a world where- instead of anxiety-driven dating experiences — we get to see honest representations of one another in dates and this opportunity is given by simply making a charitable donation to the charity of choice? Perhaps a donation to a sex education foundation for an opportunity to meet the love of a lifetime?

We all have sex work to do. We must work on our views on love and sex if we to live happier more fulfilling existences. We must help emancipate those that currently and needlessly live in the fringes of our social fabric. The Ohlala ICO aims to relieve us from this burden, be stronger in numbers and have an acting voice that needs to never speak of sex with prejudice ever again.

It is easy to support us.

We want to contact sex workers, porn stars, sex positivity advocates and anyone that wants to help create this conversation and help us make it happen. If you know one, contact us!

Category Dating
Name Spreefang GmbH
Founding Date 2015-3-10
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain (Ethereum)
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Founders of Ohlala

Pia Poppenreiter (CEO)
Dr. Torsten Stüber (CTO)