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Opportunistic Edge Vision for Conscious Environments




NATIX Edge Vision turns a network of analog or IP cameras into an intelligent swarm that identifies relevant events and triggers corresponding actions. This minimizes the cloud dependencies of the system. NATIX Software Stack installed on cameras enables seamless deployment of AI models on these cameras. Additionally, the entire camera network can be utilized for data, computation power and application exchange to deliver better detection, prediction, and planning. This way, the user benefits from computational capacity and SaaS solutions comparable to that of the cloud while maintaining advantages of edge computing solutions.
NATIX provides a framework to create scalable infrastructures at the edge of the network leveraging commodity devices. Applications can be deployed and executed on selected devices using containerization technologies. Beyond deployment, NATIX assures high quality of service as well as the privacy and security of the system by monitoring the network health and dynamically managing resource usage.

Category IoT
Founding Date 2020-1-31
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a
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Founders of NATIX

Dr. Alireza Ghods
Omid Mogharian
Lorenz Muck