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Enterprise Infrastructure


Mattereum Protocol enables:
asset governance, including maintenance and curation of physical assets and protection or conditional licensing of intellectual property;
DAOs and other commons-based collaborative projects to legally control real world assets, not only crypto currencies;
trading of interests in specific assets, not just securitized classes of assets;
use of any assets as collateral, not just real estate;
staking of assets that can remain in use, instead of staking crypto currencies and tying up operating capital;
secured contracts to reduce counterparty risk in unreliable jurisdictions (especially in emerging markets and the developing world);
arbitration awards to be enforced directly against staked assets, without needing a court order to override the losing party’s property rights;
smart contract applications to directly control off-chain property through Mattereum’s API.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name MTRM Industries Ltd
Founding Date 2017-8-4
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
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Founders of Mattereum

Vinay Gupta
Rob Knight
Chris Wray