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Kuende is a social network that actively encourages real life interaction through gamified challenges. With real interactions being replaced so fast by digital ones, Kuende provides a healthier alternative to current social media networks.

The platform embraces blockchain technology and is built around it’s tokenized micro-economy, that relies heavily on two tokens: the Kuende Token (KUE) and the Kuende Point (Kp). Our ecosystem is designed to help users reward and get rewarded for participating in fun activities and challenges.

Kuende serves people who want to engage in outdoor activities, spend quality time with others and have fun making new friends. Our users are teenagers and young adults (13-35 years old) who use social media networks as part of their lifestyle.

We also focus on businesses looking for creative, personal and fun ways to engage with their customers and audience and become part of their journey and experience both online and offline.

Category Entertainment
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Founding Date 2015
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
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Founders of Kuende

Pavel Antohe
Tudor Dan