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ryo is creating the first open-sourced OpenEHR platform, with a zero-knowledge data repository. Enabling a truly patient-driven approach to how the world accesses and utilizes medical records. Iryo empowers patients, hospitals, and medical research institutions by giving them complete control over their healthcare data.

Iryo is creating a truly global and participatory healthcare ecosystem through:
1. Revolutionizing the ability to securely store & exchange medical data with the use of modern cryptography and blockchain technology.
2. Increasing the interoperability of medical data by utilizing 100% vendor-neutral openEHR archetypes.
3. Creating a tamper-proof, medical record access management control system.
4. Enabling trusted researchers & institutions unparalleled access to the largest repository of standardized, anonymous healthcare data in the world.

Iryo stands for data security, maximum interoperability, and privacy.

Category Health
Founding Date 2017-9-10
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