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iov42 Limited

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iov42 Limited

We believe that 20th century digital infrastructure is no longer able to support the 21st century demands for scale, trust, and security. Today’s centralised systems are vulnerable to downtime, cybersecurity risk and being a single point of failure.

At the same time the future of industry infrastructure will be defined by an ever increasing demand for secure, high value digital interactions. Today’s technology is unable to offer the necessary level of trust to meet these needs, at global scale.

IOV42 is the only platform ready to handle your biggest problems.

Scale. Trust. Security.

Category Payments
Name IOV42 Ltd
Founding Date 2016-6-10
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
Job Offers Current Openings
Looking for Investors n/a
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Founders of iov42 Limited

Anton Schmidbauer