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Foodchain Spa

Foodchain is a blockchain-based ecosystem for supply chains that ensures data workflows in an efficient, trustworthy and transparent way facilitating the handling of goods tracking them throughout production and distribution processes. It provides the tools to achieve traceability of materials and products ensuring origin, attributes and compliance with standards by forcing accountability along the supply chain. By using a distributed ledger technology, Foodchain network can interface with third parties supply chains providing the ability to monitor physical items and transmit data associated with them, enabling transparency at any point of the supply chain and allowing buyers to be engaged at the point of sale.
Foodchain network collects data from sensors and tags like QR codes, RFID and NFC and assures full integrity of the readings and compatibility with third parties existing software. The transmission of the information collected across network is powered by an innovative method to consolidate transactions called the Food Token.

Foodchain is a vertical application that focuses on the food industry however it is part of a broader decentralized network that extends into various fields of the internet of Things. In fact, the same protocol is applied to track objects throughout any kind of supply chain or to support the management of digital assets such as digital ID, banking transactions and cloud data storage.

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