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Evident-Proof Services Limited

Data verification and data proof services


Enterprise Infrastructure

Evident-Proof Services Limited

Evident Proof is a blockchain and token-based service designed to meet the ever-increasing need for efficient, secure and immutable data verification, provenance and proof services.

Businesses can use Evident Proof to verify their operational activities, prove provenance and product quality, provide evidence of compliance, better manage risk, and more.

Individuals can take control of their own data by using the Evident Proof service to proof chain personal activities and information. This will allow them to manage who sees their data, and when.

The Evident Proof solution transforms current corruptible methods of storing data by using immutable proof chains on blockchain. It delivers proof certificates that cannot be destroyed or hacked, and a new way of creating value from your data.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name Data Proof Operations EP Ltd
Founding Date 2019-1-25
Token Offering No
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