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Adopt a CryptoCoral. Plant a real coral.



CryptoCorals are cute and unique virtual corals. Most of the time they have bright colors, complex shapes and funny faces!
The typical journey of a CryptoCorals player is:
Adopt a CryptoCoral
Ever dreamt of having a cute CryptoCoral? It is now possible! Each time you adopt a CryptoCoral, it funds the plantation of a real coral in the ocean. You can then cherish them, play with them and even win special prizes.
Breed your CryptoCorals
CryptoCorals are loving creatures. Once you have adopted a CryptoCoral you can access the Love Zone to get some baby corals with amazing looks and new genes! Become a talented Breeder to unlock some extremely rare genes.
Unlock quests
Give birth to the Super CryptoCoral with the most resistant genes! Unlock beautiful flower polyps. Get more than 100 baby CryptoCorals... Achieve quests, face new challenges and excel at being a CryptoCoral breeder!
Become one of the top players and get rewarded
Having a positive impact should be rewarded. This is why we created 3 rankings which will please every kind of players. Get to the top and win some generous prizes.

Category Gaming
Name n/a
Founding Date 2018-9-1
Token Offering No
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