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Centrally managed post-trade workflows result in operational efficiencies, better credit line utilisation and cost savings.

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Harnessing the potential of distributed ledger technology, Cobalt delivers a private peer-to-peer network that significantly reduces post-trade cost and risk for financial market participants.

There is a huge opportunity cost in FX. Institutions currently spend millions on their post-trade FX operations which are siloed, dated and unfit for modern, high speed electronic markets. This results in unnecessary trade replication and introduces inconsistencies and risk throughout the trade lifecycle.

Cobalt set out to solve this.

Using low latency technology, Cobalt has built a centralised platform of standardised data, which matches and confirms all trades into a single joint record. From this unique database, Cobalt delivers all major middle and back office services, through Solutions that focus on the efficient management of credit and credit line optimisation, trade netting and aggregation, along with connectivity to trusted third-parties.

Through its Cost Saving Analysis tool and the analysis of real trading data, Cobalt can predict that its platform will reduce clients current post-trade costs by up to 50%, as well as mitigating risk and freeing up middle and back-office resources.

This is the future of FX.

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Name Copa Fin Ltd
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Founders of Cobalt

Andrew Coyne