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Establishes Trust in Environments, that have been Untrusted so far.


Enterprise Infrastructure


Today, relationships between companies and organizations generate vast amounts of mutual data. For example, trading companies continuously generate data about the trades they perform with each other. For various reasons, the parties in these relationships somehow have to keep track of this data. Obviously, outsourcing it to a cloud service is often impossible due to a lack of trust against the provider, in particular when dealing with highly sensitive or confidential corporate data.
As a consequence, the mutual data is typically stored individually by all involved parties in their own local databases. By this, all the data remains private between the parties. However, when keeping track of mutual data individually, there is a high risk that the stored data actually differs to some degree across the parties. Reasons for this are manifold, ranging from misinterpretation of data over type conversions to human errors. As a consequence, the databases diverge from each other over time.

ChainifyDB® solves the aforementioned problems. We establish trust in data management environments, that have been untrusted so far.
We do so by utilizing sophisticated blockchain technology. But don't worry: There is no need to rethink your entire infrastructure to leverage this new technology. ChainifyDB® keeps it simple and just integrates the powerful features, that made blockchains famous, into your current corporate landscape.
Effectively, you and your business partners can continue using your local independent database systems as before. At the same time, the ChainifyDB® network established between you and your business partners guarantees that all your mutual data is perfectly synchronized at all times.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name Saarland University
Founding Date 2019
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Technology Blockchain
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Founders of chainifyDB

Dr. Felix Schuhknecht
Jens Dittrich
Ankur Sharma