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location_onVaduz, Liechtenstein

Public Chain Infrastructure


Celestia is a next-generation protocol that offers scalable blockchain application infrastructure that allows decentralized apps to perform off-chain computation without compromising on trust.

Solving the performance limitations of decentralized systems is key to reach mass adoption. However, many scalability solutions are tied to a specific Blockchain. Celestia helps to solve the issue from the ground up by focusing on the real bottleneck: data availability. This approach separates the consensus from the execution layer and makes large amounts of data accessible, ultimately scaling the entire decentralized Blockchain ecosystem.

Category Public Chain Infrastructure
Name Strange Loop Labs AG
Founding Date 2020-6-24
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain (Celestia)
Investors Signature Ventures, Maven11, Binance Labs
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors Yes
Looking for Speaking Opportunities Yes
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Founders of Celestia

Mustafa Al-Bassam (Visit Social Profile)
Ismail Khoffi (Visit Social Profile)
John Adler (Visit Social Profile)