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Blue Whale

Our Blueprint for Decentralized Sharing Economy and Smart City Engine!


Blue Whale

Blue Whale is a blockchain enabled crypto-network that aims to create a decentralised ecosystem for the self-employed. Blue Whale will solve traditional problems of high commission fees from digital platforms, expensive advertising costs and the lack of employment benefits for gig workers.
Our core business, Shareable Asset (a.k.a SA) represents Decentralized Asset Network, which can generate sustainable revenue by tokenizing tangible assets. Through this, all of us will be able to invest and own a fractional ownership of tangible assets easily, safely and transparently.

Once we generate revenue through SA, we purchase BWX from some portion of SA’s profit and reserve them into Reward Bank (REBA) to provide rewards to contributors to pursue their career based on their passion of our sharing economy community. Contribution Activity Manager (CAM) is designed to add, manage, remove reward activities.

We envisaged that we can also apply this system into a smart city platform and it will act as a core engine of the next generation of smart city for people to to fully utilize both intangible and tangible assets in the economy.

Category Community
Name Blue Whale Global Ptd Ltd
Founding Date 2018-3-1
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