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Since September 2017, Blockpit has been dealing with the topic of compliance with digital currencies such as Bitcoin. We have developed a software platform that combines all sources of digital currencies. This enables us to drastically simplify processes resulting from complex regulations, anti-money laundering guidelines and tax laws. With solutions for transaction analysis and tax reporting, Blockpit not only serves cryptocurrency users, but also tax consultants, banks, crypto exchanges and government institutions. It is essential to fully document transactions from all sources (trading, mining, gifts, ...). With Blockpit this happens effortlessly and automatically. This enables us to handle cryptocurrencies easily and in accordance with increasingly strict guidelines.

Category Investing
Name Blockpit GmbH
Founding Date 2017-8-28
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a
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Founders of Blockpit

Florian Wimmer
Mathias Maier
Gerd Karlhuber