blockbay v2

Blockchain Startup

Value-added services for crypto traders



We provide a platform for traders, which enables a new era of trading. Our solution will bring the maturity of classic exchanges to the new world of crypto markets. The regulation by German authorities and law provides trust to our customers and their funds.

Category Payments
Name Blockbay GmbH
Founding Date 2017-11-6
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain
Investors n/a

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Blockbay is looking for:

New Team Members (Job Offers): n/a
Token Investors for Pre-Sale: n/a
Equity Investors (Angels, VCs): n/a
Speaking Opportunities: n/a

Founders of Blockbay

Florian Fiedler (CEO)
Dr. Ingo Fiedler (Advisor)
Andreas Reiter (CTO)