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Since our inception in 2018 we have developed a substantial and holistic ecosystem. Our comprehensive ecosystem is composed of multiple related pillars, all focusing on blockchain technology.

For promising and selected projects in our focus areas we are investing into the projects token based on a profound evaluation framework which has been established and proven over a period of three years.

In addition to our investment activities we also help to build and support blockchain communities by providing guidance and knowledge. In order to enable the distributed community to grow, we develop useful applications and tools for selected public networks. In some cases we are also operating a network node, act as a block producer, performing validating operations and govern the network. In this way we help to secure these networks. We also provide services directly to the projects and advise on token economics, go-to-market strategies and future protocol developments.

As it is essential for the growth of the entire decentralization space we are also bridging the gap between organizations and blockchain technology, by building solutions based on cross organizational value chains. As one of the first steps we help firms to get to know the technology and its possibilities. In joint workshops useful use-cases are being elaborated and evolved. After a conception phase we develop quick proof-of-concepts which illustrate the advantages of the technology. In addition to the market entry, we also support the company in the global roll-out. For this pillar we are mainly using projects where we are taking part in before described activities.

Category Consulting
Name block42 Blockchain Company GmbH
Founding Date 2018-6-19
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors Yes
Looking for Speaking Opportunities Senior Developers
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Founders of block42

Michael Taschner
Julian Kainz
Christian Lanz
Lukas Götz