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B9lab is the world’s leading provider of blockchain education and training, with a global learning community of more than 14,000 students in over 160 countries. B9lab's pioneering C3 approach to tech adoption is focused on getting your vision delivered, translating code into stories and giving you space to build.

At B9lab, we have been helping blockchain-focused organisations since 2014 and have over 125 institutional clients. We use our unique expertise, skills, and talent pool to help technology providers become central to the future of blockchain by focusing on adoption. That means you can focus on code quality and usefulness.

Category Education
Name B9lab Ltd
Founding Date 2014-12-1
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors n/a
Looking for Speaking Opportunities n/a
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