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Aurachain is the only low-code development platform on the market for the rapid creation and deployment of both digital process applications and smart contract applications on Blockchain networks.
The Aurachain platform enables a client to rapidly reconfigure critical elements of its operating profile for the achievement of both short- and long-term business goals; be they launch of new products, entry into new markets, enhancing the customer engagement experience, or fast tracking the integration of operating units.

About the company

Aurachain Company began its journey in the enterprise software market around 14 years ago. During this time, it has successfully delivered well over 100 process governance client solutions across 15 countries in Europe, Australia and the Gulf and has been numerously recognized as a global award-winning leader and innovator in the enterprise software space.
In the early 2019, the company adopted a new enterprise blockchain dimension in the form of Aurachain platform, by including a dedicated module- the smart contract designer, on top of the previous low-code capabilities.

Category Enterprise Infrastructure
Name Aurachain AG
Founding Date 2018-2-22
Token Offering No
Technology n/a
Investors n/a
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Founders of Aurachain

Adela Clara Wiener (CEO)
Jonathan Wiener (CRO)
Cornel Vintila