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The idea of APTERA is to create and store digital twins of people’s competence profiles in order to facilitate the matching people and tasks / jobs as well as the identification of learning needs. The basic innovation is to generate high quality data on users’ portfolios of abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations and traits for various AI-based use cases. APTERA provides a simple but strong platform in a safe environment backed by the Digital Ledger Technology (DLT) and stores verified certificates, learning accomplishments outside of formal institutions and results from tests and games digitally and immutably which reflect important soft skills. The system provides lifelong learners with a more efficient way to manage records and it also reduces the administrative and cost burden on institutions to verify and authenticate records. Use cases are recruiting/HR solutions, marketing solutions or learning offers.

Category Recruiting
Founding Date 2018-11-30
Token Offering No
Technology Blockchain (Ethereum)
Investors n/a
Job Offers n/a
Looking for Investors n/a
Looking for Equity Investors yes
Looking for Speaking Opportunities yes
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Founders of APTERA

Michaela Ernstberger (CEO)
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Ernstberger
Tomal K. Ganguly