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CV VC is a next generation investment company, where cutting-edge blockchain technology meets traditional venture capital. The combination of cryptography and decentralization has the potential to boost efficiency and bring down costs across all industrial sectors. Easy access to technology and funding has led to an unprecedented explosion of entrepreneurial creativity, coupled with an output of projects almost too massive to keep up with. We are here to tackle this output, to find, fund and work with the most promising founders and projects in the space - and to help them grow. We invest into all stages of crypto and blockchain development, from incubation to pre-ICO and post-ICO. Because Blockchain is more than just a technology. It is an entire mindset that is set to change the world

Founder Olaf Hannemann
Founding Date 2018
Focus Blockchain
Batch AdHash, Assembl, Sprinter, Trustsearch, Kimeo, Orvium, BHander, Tezsure, BitFreezer, PocketJam, Ptolemy, Bytes

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