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Web3 Labs

Accelerate Blockchain Adoption
location_on London | Community
Token: n/a |

Slush Pool

location_on Prague | Mining
Token: n/a |


The safe place for your coins.
location_on Prague | Wallet Providers
Token: n/a |


location_on Regensburg | Energy
Token: n/a |


Essential Security Platform for the Auto Industry
location_on London | Cars
Token: n/a |


The digital infrastructure for a circular economy
location_on Oslo | Other
Token: n/a |

Graph Dots

Current Token Sales of European Startups


The go to platform for gamers in the future
location_on Erbach | eSports
Token: CBIX | Utility Token

ICO Start: 30.09.2019
ICO End: 31.03.2020


Blockchain based smart home & office system
location_on Berlin | IoT
Token: VC | Utility Token

ICO Start: 31.07.2019
ICO End: 01.02.2020

Distributed cloud computing
location_on Gersthofen | Other
Token: NCDT | Utility Token

ICO Start: 23.05.2019
ICO End: 30.06.2020

Signature Token

The world’s 1st escrow technology integrated Blockchain token
location_on Munich | Payments
Token: Sign | Utility Token

ICO Start: 02.08.2019
ICO End: 31.01.2020


Charts Top 5 European Token Sales


Prediction Markets
Meet the future

location_on Berlin | GNO

ICO Start: 24.04.2017
ICO End: 24.04.2017



Public Chain Infrastructure
A currency for internet-of-things

location_on Berlin | IOT

ICO Start: 25.11.2015
ICO End: 21.12.2015



Public Chain Infrastructure
Access the power of Blockchain

location_on Berlin | LSK

ICO Start: 21.03.2016
ICO End: 21.03.2016


Ocean Protcol

Public Chain Infrastructure
Decentralized data exchange protocol

location_on Berlin | OCN

ICO Start: 06.03.2019
ICO End: 20.03.2019



Bitcoin saving made easy

location_on Frankfurt a.M. | SVD

ICO Start: 12.01.2018
ICO End: 09.03.2018


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Big News: chainDE ist now chainEurope!

We are happy to share some big news today. chainDE is now chainEurope! The chainDE project started in November 2017 as a small listing service for all Blockchain startups in Germany and has become pretty popular amongst the Blockchain community and the VC crowd.

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The path to Blockchain adoption is not paved yet

When many argue that Distributed Ledger Technology or Blockchain is still in its infancy and deprive the technology to play a significant role, they are mostly not referring to the state of the tech itself but the diffusion level and its rate of adoption. „Revolution“ is the notion that is often used for the stir that was caused by Bitcoin alone. Hence it does not take much of an imagination to realize what kind of a whirlwind Blockchain technology will become once more use cases find broad usage. But how does Blockchain technology get to play a significant role? 

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The Promises and Perils of DeFi

The advent of Ethereum along with its flexible smart-contract language that provides developers with a broad toolkit to build decentralized applications has led to a slew of ambitious projects ranging from decentralized exchanges to trading and insurance. Hence, when speaking of decentralized finance, or “DeFi”, we inevitably think of Ethereum. While Bitcoin itself has been by far the most successful application of DeFi itself, its deliberately simple scripting language is subject to limitations for use cases such as DeFi.

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